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    Hello Folks,

    We apologise as the server had not been updated for long! Before we continue, we would like to announce : RamazanSquats as the Moderator. Hope they do well to the server.

    The server has been migrated to a better and fast version preventing losses. And with a faster and better network. The server has been severally checked to encounter (any bugs, if there)

    Website Updates:
    • The Shop has been opened, but is still under supervision of our Administration, as its not opened, but still its available to be viewed and has been setup as a Layout.
    • Migrated the website to a faster server, this would prevent downtime.
    • Website is now hooked with News, Discord Invitation Link, Staff columns.
    • The website is now up, but the Shop is not accepting orders right now, as we are still not completed.
    Server Updates:
    • The server is still on version 1.8 as many people still love it, so no Software Updates this time.
    • The BungeeCord server has been updated and Plugins are updated for better performance.
    • For your comfort, we have fixed the BungeeCord Sync error with redirection to the other servers.
    • We are finally up with a new server this time: Lobby
    • As you all might know about the bug while running Lobby server on our Platform, it used to crash and with Black screen, while loading worlds. It *** fixed
    • By migrating the server and adding SG1 and TS3 servers.
    This was all it, a Minor Update for now.
    Stay tuned for more.

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